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Data Space Builder

With our Data Space Builder we deliver the adesso Lakes expertise in building trust-based, value-adding data spaces to make your journey into the data economy as successful and sustainable as possible.

adesso Lakes – your strong partner to guide you into data spaces & ecosystems

Who we are

Taking the first steps on the way to a value-adding data space requires experienced guidance. We are on your side and walk this path together with you to make your step into the arena of the data economy as easy and smooth as possible for your organization. In doing so, we can build on the rich expertise of our Finnish colleagues from 1001 Lakes Oy who support with their experience from several years of setting up data spaces and ecosystems as well as international standard setting (IDSA).

How we proceed

Starting with an initial analysis of possible use cases based on the data available to you, we proceed with a stakeholder analysis to determine who you could (and/or should) involve in the process. Based on a selected use case, we help you develop a set of rules for a (fair) data space. In this process, we use checklists (e.g. technological, legal, ethical, etc.) to develop your customized, adapted set of rules – your customized rulebook. This will later represent the starting point for your designated data space. As part of this process, you will also develop the vision and mission of the specific data space.

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What the benefits are for you and your data space

For you, the personalized set of rules not only means a jointly developed and agreed framework with all parties involved - which you can also refer to in case of a conflict - but also a common standard, which highly simplifies the onboarding of new players. Hence you have a trust-building and scalable framework through which you can ensure security and stability in your data ecosystem and beyond.

How we support you besides data space building

Based on our Data Space Builder approach and the set of rules developed through it, we can also offer full-service management of your data space. In this case, we not only accompany and manage the process of setting up an individual data space for and with you, but we also remain your trusted partner during ongoing operations. For example, the role of a data space authority, i.e. a neutral third party who mediates in cases of conflict, is conceivable.
Of course, due to the close cooperation with our parent company adesso SE, we can also offer the technological implementation of your data space by integrating the corresponding expertise into our joint data space project with you.

Contact us and let us find out together how we can best master your challenge(s) in the data economy and in building your successful data ecosystem!

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Get more out of your data!

adesso Lakes GmbH is a German-Finnish joint venture of adesso SE and 1001 Lakes Oy. It is connected to the Line of Business Data & Analytics within the adesso Group.
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