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Trust can be built and sustained in data ecosystems between actors of different sizes through a variety of means, such as by

  • Establishing clear policies and procedures for sharing and using data and ensuring that all actors understand and comply with them.
  • Ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the same information and resources and that decision-making is transparent.
  • Train and educate all stakeholders on best practices for data management and privacy.
  • Implementing strong security measures to protect data from unauthorized access or breaches.
  • Building a culture of trust and collaboration where all stakeholders are encouraged to work together and share information.
  • A neutral third party to monitor and possibly regulate the ecosystem to ensure fairness and trust (“data space authority”)
  • clear data governance processes with clear roles and responsibilities for data management and use, and regular monitoring and oversight.

The Rulebook for a fair data economy / rulebook approach of adesso Lakes has proven to be a solid, trust-building measure for the successful development and implementation of a data space, inside and outside organizational boundaries. It covers the measures and criteria mentioned above and helps to adapt them adequately to the respective context.


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