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Data Business Development

In Data Business Development, we work with you to create new added value through the opportunities of the data economy.

Data Business Development

Where we see our role

In Data Business Development, we identify and develop opportunities for your organization together with you to generate additional value from existing data assets and access. This includes identifying potential customers for your organization's data products or services.

It also focuses on developing partnerships with other actors to co-develop data products or business and service models. So ultimately, new revenue streams can be identified and exploited through e.g. monetization of your organization's data assets.


What we can develop with and for you

In addition to the topics already mentioned (data products, partnerships, monetization), we also provide you with support in identifying new data sources, i.e. the search for value-added connections to other data spaces in the sense of a data ecosystem. Here we benefit from our profound experience of the latest international developments at both commercial and academic levels.

In addition, we have expertise and know-how in and from international organizations such as the IDSA - International Data Spaces Association, which will also help you to connect your data space to international data ecosystems and make maximum use of the existing opportunities.

Contact us and let's find out together how we can best solve your data economy challenges!

Get more out of your data!

adesso Lakes GmbH is a German-Finnish joint venture of adesso SE and 1001 Lakes Oy. It is connected to the Line of Business Data & Analytics within the adesso Group.
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