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Data Space Consulting

In Data Space Consulting, we are at your side as a reliable, experienced partner for the diverse challenges and opportunities in dealing with data.

Data Space Consulting

How to get even more out of your data

Our consulting services are aimed at organizations that want to achieve effective, efficient and value-adding management and use of their data through data spaces. We also assist in the higher-level, strategic approach to data as a resource to get "more" out of the data you already have or can (get) access to. We are available to you as a consulting unit and, depending on the use case, bring in various experts from our network to solve your individual challenges in data spaces and ecosystems.


Topics in which we can support you in our advisory capacity

Before setting up and operating a data space, it is usually necessary to develop a data strategy that is aligned with the goals and values of the company. It represents an overarching, directional statement as to where the individual journey in the data economy should head to. Such a strategic basis is highly necessary for building a data space (#Data Space Builder). In addition, there are also operational aspects such as data management or data analysis that need to be worked out. At this point, possible applications of innovative approaches such as AI in data spaces can also play a role.

Just contact us and let us find out together what works best for you and your individual needs!

Get more out of your data!

adesso Lakes GmbH is a German-Finnish joint venture of adesso SE and 1001 Lakes Oy. It is connected to the Line of Business Data & Analytics within the adesso Group.
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